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2000-11-14 - 18:43:40

Here are my little tiny movie reviews. One hitters. That is what they'll be called. Here are my one hitters for the movies I've seen lately.

Dancer in the Dark - Bjork is awesome & I could not take my eyes away from her but von Trier deliberately made me sick with his jiggly cameras, so he's my enemy.

Charlie's Angels - Pure happiness. Minus the chad. God, Drew in the blonde racecar look. God.

Barton Fink - John Goodman is so my boyfriend.

Return to Me - I thought this movie would blow, but man were my spirits lifted by an ape named Sydney. I clapped my feet ecstatically as I heard the ape's name. THEN, Sydney (in human form for the moment, on the couch next to me) pointed out that Archie Bunker & his buds were ME AND HER! An old bickering couple. From then on, it was the story of our future together.

Once I read some Mulder/Skinner fanfic that was all about them DOING IT DOING IT DOING IT and in it, Walter Skinner had a nickname for Mulder. Triple L. Which stood for Luscious Lower Lip. I am sad to report that I will not forget this as long as I live, as I'm reminded of it every single time I look at Duchov.

*perv* *next*

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