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2000-11-10 - 20:20:16

Any doubts I may ever have had about which TV character I most identify with, now that Jerri Blank is only in reruns, were resolved last night when I was watching "Will & Grace" & Jack McFarland said "Ohmygod, I love TV! BUFFY IS MY LIFE! I'm totally into Willow being a lez." Pam McFarland! Way!

Before I made it to my rightful place on the couch at 8pm, I had dinner with Andrew at Ann Sathers. I had a HOT PORK SANDWICH. Because it sounded really good, & because it sounds kind of dirty. Dave let me know today that he thinks it sounds "disgusting". What. Ev. Anyway, Andrew & I were figuring out a bunch of important stuff about our friends, and other people we know. I suggested we should be some sort of team to figure out people's problems - like combined, we could be a shrink. He said "No! We could be pundits! OF OUR FRIENDS!" God, it's so perfect. We are going to have a talk show where we give our expert opinions of people. People could call in & ask questions, but only about people we know. Maybe we'll devote a week of shows to talking about YOU!

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