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2000-11-15 - 19:59:11

Last night I took the Broadway bus accidentally, instead of Clark bus. Broadway bus often goes to Crazyland. There was an old man on who pretty much lectured to the bus. Topics covered were:

- Bread is selling for 33 cents a loaf someplace. Not only is this unbelievable, but old men like our guest speaker need their strength, & therefore should eat wheat bread. Younger men can eat Wonder Bread all day long. Not our speaker.

- Sometimes broccoli is $1.39. Unbelievable.

- When you retire you don't hurry so much, you slooooow down. This has to do somehow with how you stop using your head, the thing on your shoulders, & start using your "BRAIN", which some people like to call the "mind".

- The only good thing to do on Thanksgiving is get a nice bottle of T-Bird wine & a nice lady to share it with. But the lady should have most of the wine.

- The worst kind of heart attack is the kind when you have too much wine & can't give love to the lady so she leaves! That is the WORST kind of heart attack!

- Most importantly. You do not need Viagra. What you need is to have as much milk and as many french fries as you can, every day. This is the same thing as Viagra. Our lecturer used to work in a pharmacy, he knows. It's the same acids as in Viagra. Tell every old guy you know.

I'm sorry. This last part of the lecture came as I was getting off the bus, & this probably is the most important part of the lecture, not the Viagra part:

- If the lady doesn't want love with you, why then, it doesn't matter how much milk & french fries you can consume. It just does not matter. The lady has to WANT love with you.

Like this guy knows anything about ladies not wanting love with him...

*perv* *next*

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