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2000-09-12 - 20:29:44

When we were in Jamaica, I spent a long, long time drawing in my journal a picture of this dude who was featured on the side of cans of condensed milk. Mr. Sweetman. Or maybe he was just Sweetman? I can't believe I've forgotten already. Anyway, he was a really fucking happy yellow circle with legs & a tongue-showing grin. He reminded me of that other dude who is a large red pitcher of Kool-Aid & always has to bust through the wall whenever a good time is happening. God. I could be an enormous pitcher of beer & I think my friends would still get sick of me busting through the wall everytime any get together happened. Anyway, I love Sweetman. Don't love the Kool-Aid hooligan so very much. Maybe if I'm stoned & see one of the commercials though, he'll seem like the greatest thing in the world. Who knows.

My eyes hurt from workin' & I am so eager to get downtown to the healing balm of


First I'm supposed to meet Sydney at Virgin Megastore. I hope they'll let me in. Get it? Heh. Virgin. I hope I can get in. Do you get it?

My friends cannot get enough of that joke.

*perv* *next*

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