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2000-09-13 - 16:30:12

Last night Sydney & I went to see "Bring It On". I liked it okay. Thought it'd be a lot funnier & more ridic. Was just so-so ridic. Mediocridic. The preview for "Meet the Parents" made me laugh a lot more. It made me laugh a LOT.

After the movie, we were walking to the train & there was a couple in front of us. Pretty much, I hate couples. It was really windy out & they were totally holding onto each other. You know how weak couplehood makes you, down to your actual bones. Sydney told me the woman's outfit was mine. It was terrible. Nude hose, beige swingy mini, tight black top with the shoulders cut out, blonde hair all done into wisps. Everything looked expensive. Her man was gross & I'm not going into detail on him. Stop begging! I told Sydney "Watch, she'll turn around & be like sixty." Because she totally looked like that. The sexpot who is sixty. How you like 'em. Then...better than just a turn around, the wind lifted her skirt completely up! She turned around cackling, looked at us with a big grin I guess to see if we likey, & smoothed it down. I personally would have probably been wearing underpants. But that is a very personal decision, & she can make whatever choice she needs to make about what goes on down there. I know I'll be wearing whatever the hell I want once I'm sixty. Which she was.

We got home & watched what was going to be the last episode ever of "La Femme Nikita", until all the fan pressure made them decide to make 8 new episodes, which will be on this winter. Afterwards, I basically wanted to fill a bucket with water, carry it to the couch, plunge my head into it, & stay there until I had not a breath left in me. It was the saddest, most depressing thing I've ever seen (this does not count the episodes of Buffy, Angel & Xena that have made me equally miserable). The very ending was Nikita telling Michael matter-of-factly "I don't love you. I never loved you." He is all unable to cry, so took a knife & cut by his eye so there'd be a tear of BLOOD running down his face? That is exactly what has happened to me in the past, when I've broken up with people. It's hard to see something like that replayed, that you've experienced several times yourself.

Anyway, God it made us both cry so much.

But I felt happier this morning, when I woke up & remembered the dream I had. My mom was gone someplace for the summer, & so I was living in her house with Kid Rock. Natch. It was all about us trying to get along, & how I was all nervous that he'd have disgusting guys over & be all disgusting every second of every day. But he was really nice & I got to boss him around a lot. What I most specifically remember was that I had to confront someone's landlord, & my buddy Kid asked me if I wanted him to talk at all in the confrontation. I said "Just stand behind me & cross your arms." So he did! & I was all "So you need to fix THIS for my friend, and you need to do it toDAY, & blah blah BLAH" all mouthity mouth going on & on & all along I knew thing was standing behind me & looking threatening & probably really gross & the landlord just said okay.

Me & tha Kid. Togetha Forevah.

Oh. My. God.

Am I the midget?

*perv* *next*

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