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2000-08-14 - 16:49:24

Friday night I saw "I'm The One That I Want", the Margaret Cho movie, with Orrsky, Zerksky, & Chasky. Margaret Cho is soooo beautiful & sexy & funny & smart & nicely dressed. It was a really good movie to see on opening night with an excited audience. Speaking of excited, I was lucky enough to sit next to Andrew. HANDSdrew, more like. Handsdrew. Heh.

The rest of the weekend is a blur. I don't understand quite what I did. I know that Sydney was super ambitious compared to me, because she actually left the house twice. Once to go across the street to Mcdonald's, & once to Walgreen's. I was in awe of her. We played cards, touched the cats a lot on their most delicious parts, & watched a fuck of a lot of the teev.

I watched "Small Soldiers", which had an incredible cast & was kind of funny, but was still a kids' movie, which I do not love. It was weird to see Kirsten Dunst kiss that little kid. No likey.

What else...Syd & I watched the ending of "The Haunting", which I've had the misfortune of watching in it's entirety before. Sydney noticed that Lili Taylor kept screaming at the house "YOU CREAM!" which doesn't make any sense. It really didn't sound like she was saying "creep", but even if she had been, didn't he murder a whole bunch of kids? It's not like he was just playing with himself on the bus, or telling people he fucked you when he didn't. Wouldn't you think of something better than creep to call him? And certainly better than "YOU CREAM!", which is what I say to Lloyd, because she reminds me of cream. I never mean it like "You bad kitten you killed so many children and now won't let their souls rest! You CREAM!" I never even thought of it that way.

We also watched two episodes of a brand new show that you should be aware of. This is not JUST a new show we witnessed, but a new GENRE. For we watched 2 eps back-to-back of "G-String Divas", HBO's new DOCU-SOAP. Dude. It's pretty amazing. Each one is about a different stripper, & what she's like. Um, the men are all gross. In case you weren't sure.

I found out that the La-Z-Girl chairs are 999$ & up. Also, they come with a massage feature & a phone. I'd totally give up the phone. We have a phone. And I don't even like to talk on the phone. So I wonder how much that would bring the price down. Someone please find out & let me know. Thanks.

Ok lastly, I read an item this morning online on some movie gossip site, that next month a new Al Pacino movie begins shooting. It's called "Simone", & "writer-director Andrew Niccol ('The Truman Show') has decided to go completely CGI for his female lead after he failed to find a human actress he liked." This makes me really really really really angry. It's completely disgusting & complete bullshit. You know this is what Hollywood would love to do to all actresses, just shut them the fuck up & use artificial ones that aren't going to gain weight or get older or demand equal pay or have an opinion or exist. Andrew Niccol, what a fucking jagoff. He needs his fucking movies boycotted by all women, & men who support us. How overrated is "The Truman Show", anyway? And Al Pacino, what in the fuck are YOU thinking. He's not a tard, he has to know it's wrong. I am breaking up with him if he does this movie. End of story.

Hopefully the entire thing is an untrue rumor. But you know a lot of men completely love the idea. Ugh. To paraphrase Lili Taylor, who said it best in "Girls Town": "I'm sick of you, FUCKERMAN!"

*perv* *next*

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