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2000-08-15 - 20:13:24

Last night Sydney, Nick & I watched that Willie Nelson special where he took all requests. I was joking about his boyfriends calling in (I guessed Dale Watson & John Cash would call), & then who did call in but Mr. Kris Kristoff. Apparently something bad has happened to him, as he can no longer speak, but barks every single word. They chitchatted for a minute like the stoner hens we know they are, then Willie said "Kris, thanks for calling." In reply, Kris loudly barked the word "YES!" I wish I could make that word super big & bold & jaggedy around the edges so you really knew how he said it. I asked Sydney to please not ever call up my show & bark at me on the air. She was surprised to hear that I have a show. Shhh.

The man in the office across from mine is presently on the phone & is cackling hysterically, pounding his desk, & breathlessly screeching "You're bad! YOU'RE BAD!!!!"

Wow. What did you say to him?

*perv* *next*

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