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2000-08-07 - 16:29:05

My weekend was completely glamorous, even more so than usual. At least until I left the house Sunday. Friday night I watched "All About My Mother", & Saturday I watched "Desperate Living" & "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes". I felt surrounded by lovely ladies the entire time. I've never felt so underdressed in my own living room.

It was my first time seeing "Desperate Living". I kept thinking Mole looked like someone else, & then I realized it's Sporty Spice.

It was my first time seeing "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" since I was a kid. I loved that in the "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" number there was a human chandelier. They don't even show it that much. I think if I put together a human chandelier, or was part of one, I'd want it to get a lot of attention from the camera.

I watched parts of something on MTV called Bowling Bash, or something like that. It was ridiculous & upsetting & I didn't want to watch it. Or I didn't want to want to watch it. It was 2 teams of celebs bowling against each other. These celebs included Kid Rock, Eve, Method Man, your lovers Jimmy Kimmel & Adam Carolla, this one gross guy, this one other gross guy, some really skinny ladies, um...

Anyway, there was one person there in particular with whom you are in deep dirty love. That person is Mister Teck Holmes. Teck from The Real World Hawaii? Yeah. He was there. & I know he's been on their karaoke show, & a whole bunch of other shit, but it still makes me REALLY MAD that he gets to have a CAREER that involves him never shutting the fuck up. On MTV's webpage for the bowling show, he is listed as "comedian, actor, film producer, rapper, and dancer, Teck Holmes." UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! It mentions his upcoming MTV show, "Direct Effect", as well as the fact that he's producing & starring in his first independent feature film, "Life's Suite." UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

I am going to try to look on the good side. The ONLY good things that I can find about this massive Teck offensive are 1) at least it's not Kaia or Matt, & 2) everyone in the world will realize his repugnant evility & spontaneously rise up & crush him?

I don't know.

"Not EVERYONE in the WORLD has MTV, PAM. And SOME of us choose to watch more SMARTER kinds of things."

Ew. Those were your thoughts. You have retarded thoughts.

Ok I have a few more things to tell about the weekend. One is that Sydney & I went to Target yesterday & got a Hello Kitty cordless phone, & matching CD walkmans & head kerchiefs, all in pretty colors. Jealous much? On the way home, we stopped at an Indian restaurant on Devon. There was a buffet & we did not know what one single thing was. So we put some of everything on our plates, & ate. It was so HOT. and good. Sydney's head was like a fire engine. Making that noise & everything. No hoses, though! That would've been useful, HUH?

On the subject of Sex & the City - that beast that Carrie is currently fucking is the sickest thing I've ever laid eyes upon & is seriously ruining my life.


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