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2000-08-08 - 17:00:38

It is ridiculous that USA is now showing Mister Nash Bridges every single night. Come on. I mean, I've had the Nash Rash as bad as anyone, but catching that show a couple times a YEAR really does scratch the itch. No one needs to see it every day. How many vests can one set of eyeballs take in???

All my girlfriends are talking non-stop about "Space Cowboys". I now pose the question: "How much delicious EYE CANDY can one set of eyeballs take in???" My eyes are going to get cavities!

Last night I watched some of the "Bride of Chucky" DVD, with commentary by Jennifer Tilly. Brad Dourif (Chucky's voice, Boggs on X-Files, my worst nightmare, etc.) was there, along with Don Mancini who wrote it, but...it was pretty much commentary by Jennifer Tilly. Which is how I like it! I love the menfolk being shut up. Jennifer was completely charming as per, & I can't wait to watch the rest of it. She said that in doing publicity for the movie, she would tell interviewers that she'd wanted to work with Ronny Yu because she loved "The Bride With White Hair" so much. I totally remember reading that. On the DVD she admits that she's never exactly seen the movie, but that Gina Gershon told her it was really good. So she just told everyone she'd seen it & loved it. I love that she couldn't even keep it a secret, & told on herself.

I love Jennifer Tilly to the max, dude. To the MAX. I of course want to have a big neverending affair with her, but I'd settle for her coming over & smoking a bowl & watching "Sex & the City" or "Bride With White Hair" with me. Or "Space Cowboys"! Because there's no WAY that THAT evening wouldn't turn naughty!

*perv* *next*

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