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2000-08-04 - 13:53:11

Last night I saw "Divine Trash", that John Waters documentary. I loved it. As shocking as his movies still are to me, the documentary made me understand how completely terrifying they were in the 60s & 70s. The fact that Mink Stole couldn't find bright red hair dye for Pink Flamingos in 1972? It just was nowhere to be found, & she had to put food coloring in shampoo. Um, wow. I shudder thinking about a pre-Manic Panic society. It wasn't available to me growing up in my small town, but at least I could go to Royal Oak & get some green or blue hair dye when I wanted to.

The movie also made me appreciate Divine even more. John spoke about there being other edgy drag queens around, like Candy Darling, but that they were primarily about looking pretty. In John's movies, he wanted Divine to look so outrageous that people would actually run screaming in terror. He called Divine a "drag terrorist", & said she was despised by both straight people & the drag community. Divine should be a hero to all women & gay people, for being a walking assault on our ideas of beauty & our fears of sexuality & bodies that are out of control (the "control" primarily being shame). She should be in those hair ads, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful".

What else. There's a bunch of other stuff I loved about the movie, but you should just rent it.

Earlier in the evening, before the documentary, I found myself ridiculously stoned (how does that happen?). I knew it was to the point of being ridic, because of how HARD I was laughing at "Night at the Roxbury". That is just wrong. I saw it in the theater (what?) & did not remember a THING from that first viewing. Stoned. I got all excited watching it last night, because I'd forgotten my lover Richard Grieco is in it. I just calls him Griec. I asked Andrew once if it's gross to like Richard Grieco. He just said, in a tone like he was breaking bad but inevitable news to a child, "His eyebrows are more plucked than YOURS." Anyway, Griec was lookin' GOOD despite his Nash Bridges-like outfit (the infinite layers...), but you could tell he's already Rourke-ing out a little. The shine, the puffery. Ok, he wasn't looking good at all. I would still do him, though. And his brows looked very nice.

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