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2005-10-14 - 10:01 p.m.

Sydney has a fuckup with her Paypal account and can't get in to deal with it. She has had problems with them for years, and can't get help or whatever. It's totally ongoing. And the other day she watched me so quickly update my info in my own Paypal account, and said it inspired her to try to deal with her stuff once again. She had no luck and was telling me about that night after trying at work, and she said she'd gotten stuck because "I don't know the answer to my security question." I'm like "What's the question?" Her reply: "Whose nose?" That is her fucking Paypal security question. And the answer is not Nick or Lloyd. She has no idea who it is.

I saw "Border Cafe," an Iranian feminist film. I just looked him up and realized that the director wrote "The Circle," another Iranian feminist film that I was actually thinking I liked better. During the movie I liked it, but afterwards hearing him speak, I started to kind of love the movie. It was made partly because his sister was a victim of the tradition that the movie is about, one where upon becoming a widow a woman has to marry her husband's brother. People had a lot of questions for the director about how he does such pro-woman work. He was cool and just said stuff about how you can't be neutral in a patriarchy, you have to stand up when half the population is being oppressed. He was charming and interesting. His wife was the lead actress. We saw the entire movie as he wanted it, but it'll lose about 8 minutes in Iran.

I also saw a Chinese movie called "Platform." It was really good, and was Rosenbaum's Critics Choice. I feel like I should see it again. I'd get distracted by crazy tight pants onscreen, and spend long amounts of time trying to unwrap my fancy chocolate bar, and then it got all melty & I had to stick my fingers in it & then lick it off & I wanted to do it really slowly & quietly so Rosenbaum wouldn't see and hate me or ask me for some.

Last night I saw "Everlasting Regret." Such gorgeous hair and outfits and makeup. It by Hong Kong director Stanley Kwan, about a woman's love affair with Shanghai. But there were few exterior shots because nothing in Shanghai looks like the 1940s like he needed.

So far nothing has blown me away.

Did you hear the next line of action figures after Angel/Fred/Illyria and after Buffy/Dawn will be Xander/Cordelia. With more Xander variants than Cordys, probably 5 & 3. Including a Xander with a patch.

Patch was fucking hot. He really gave Bo Brady a run for his money.

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