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2005-10-10 - 11:52 a.m.

Yesterday I went with Syd & Nina to this pumpkin farm. We spent a long time watching this petting area that was full of goats, sheeps, chickens including those ones with crazy elaborate legwarmers/anklets, pigs, ducks, a llama, and a giant ASS. I loved watching the animals but also felt kind of nauseous the whole time and like I cannot live in this world. Some of the animals loved it, and some clearly were terrified, and little kids would just chase those ones around and around and try to grab at them with their little kid "hands." And parents thought that was ok, or else just didn't pay attention and thought that THAT was okay. Animal terror is awful to look at. There was a better part where we watched these pigs play. Pigs are really gross, you guys. Their skin and hair and snouts. Too gross. But they can't help it, and I like seeing them get rambunctious and skip around.

There was a cool Halloween-themed marionette show. This one dude put it on & he was super into it. This Drac marionette walked the highwire, and this other marionette had extra faces on its belly, back, and ass. There was a wolf marionette that jammed out to Livin' La Vida Loca, and for a long time would just be shaking its ass or its peiner area at the kids. For a long time. Then he'd bust out other moves, but none as sustained as the dirty shaking.

After we were done with the farm stuff, we drove over to hang out in the parking lots of some weird suburban mini mall. Nina scored a Jamba Juice, and we parted ways. Syd and I saw Serenity for my fourth and her fifth time.

Oh I forgot a main thing. We saw a lady at the farm with Dark Side of the Moon pants. The cover design, as a print. Office casual for Andrew?

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