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2005-08-08 - 10:37 a.m.

I am getting ready to go to the train station for a week at home in Mich. But I needed to quickly let you know something. First: Wizard World was awesome - Mercedes McNab is super pretty, Andy Hallett is also super pretty and he complimented my hair, and Margot Kidder is dreamy. Syd asked if she was still friends with Jennifer Salt (they were in Sisters together) and she was like YES! and went on about how husbands come and go but your girlfriends are what's really important and she doesn't know what she'd do without Jennifer.

So that was all awesome but mainly there is this. Mainly there is this. We were there all day Saturday, and then Sunday we went back and it was nice - we didn't set an alarm, we got high, we stopped for breakfast, we were generally just a lot less frantic and more like our normal selves because we'd gotten our Vegas Lornes and we'd had a good look around at everything. So we're walking up to the convention center and I see these people standing together, this man and woman, she they're all intertwined facing a group of people talking and I was like THAT is just fucking gross, why does this couple have to stand like they're one person instead of two, and interact with others like it's okay. So I was giving them a really bad look, and mostly looking at her and then shifted over to him and guess what. Guess fucking WHAT. Um, he happened to be the most HANDSOME man in the universe at that moment. I was all confused, I didn't know what was happening, it was someone I knew, and his name was fucking Jason Motherfucking MEWES. Mew is a thing that cats say. Right? Mew. Mewes. Someone I know is trying to change her last name to meow and the truth is it's old because there is already a Jason Mewes. He must have such a way with cats! I wonder if Lloyd would crawl into his lap. I know she would! I know she would! Anyway, my brain made the understanding happen that that is who I was seeing, and that he was looking up at me and Sydney, and that he was taking a picture with a fan. That is how he takes pictures with fans, all CLOSE. Sydney said we could go over there, since he was just clearly hanging out with fans and there weren't a ton of people, and I instead sped up and said Oh my god like five hundred times, and got far away from him, and spent the rest of the time there hoping to see him again. Nope. I did see Kevin Smith who I could not care less about. Ok, I'd care less about him if Mewes wasn't his boyfriend. And he actually really annoys me, which is a form of caring I guess. Ok so then later I ran into Don and told him a bit about Mewes and he said "Yeah, Tish told me there was a thing with you and him." A thing? Tish has a pretty good vocabularly but apparently she missed learning the word LOVE. I love him so much I had to flee from the sight of him. Later I asked Sydney if she recalled any details of what he was wearing or anything. Baseball cap, ponytail. How can I love a ponytailer? It began with Film Fanatic on IFC, with the short hair and black nail polish look.

Whatever. I'm going to try really hard to get over it and have a more appropriate crush. Like Sydney, or someone else who doesn't intimidate me. Why o why can't I just love Scott Schwartz?

Amended to add: Mewes is handsome handsome handsome handsome handsome. Just yesterday I was saying I do not EVER want anyone to remake The Thin Man movies, but I take it back if Jason Mewes can please be in it. Also he should clearly be the next Bond. If you saw him you would totally be with me, it is so CLEAR and INEVITABLE like the EASIEST of MATH.

*perv* *next*

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