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2005-07-28 - 10:27 a.m.

Did you know that the video for "Catch My Fall" starts with Billy Idol lying in bed looking at you, singing, and jerking off? And then he wears some paint in some scenes, moves around the bedroom paintless in others, and finally takes a shower to remove the paint? And then the ending is him sitting on the floor of the bedroom using a knife to eat something out of a can. It all leads up to that. I imagine he's stabbing at canned peaches with that knife. There are all these parts where he's just mugging at the camera switching the sneer back and forth from this side to that. He looks like an idiot and it makes me feel bad. Like, how did I ever? On my wall, his picture? How did that???? Happen. How did that happen.

Well, there was a long time that the batteries on the Galaga were worn out. The fixing of that involves a screwdriver. Guess who fixed it and guess who is back in command of a badass VampireReaverCylon-destroying fleet of warriors. I just fixed it a few days ago & I'm still not to the point where it's the first thing I think about when I get up. Instead, I'll be in the middle of making the coffee, deiciding if I want to go online or read for a while or what I want to do with my morning and then I fucking realize there is another more important option of saving the world. And I finish up making the coffee although in my mind I'm already inside my spacecraft and I might even go a little slow to get to my room, like when you have to pee and you don't hurry because you know it'll be best that way, and then I sit down and the music starts up and all of a sudden I realize I'm late for work but it's okay because I have a high score of 119,280 and I'm just getting back in the game so you know there are higher numbers to come. And more importantly, higher LEVELS of CHALLENGE. To overcome.

Syd rented this movie "Dude, Where's the Party" with Kal Penn. He does a musical number in it that is not to be missed. He is the BEST!!!!!

Also "Seed of Chucky." I watched it with Sydney which is one more person than I watched it with in the theater. There are some good special features including Jennifer's diary. There should've been more about hanging out in Romania with John Waters, but there was some good stuff. She says that no matter the situation, John will find a dark side, and that the night before he'd been convinced that their waitstaff was referring to their table as "three cunts and a fag."

I got an aerogram indicating that my friend Blair (blairpoetry.com) may be staying on an extry week in South Africa. He is in love with it there, & has made tons of friends. I cannot wait to hear everything.

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