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2005-05-02 - 12:16 p.m.

Some Kind of Monster - I LOVE JAMES HETFIELD. I love him I love him I love him. Know it. I love how much he grew into his face from the early years. I love his short blonde hair & glasses. I love his car obsession. I tolerate his sandals and some of the more questionable facial hair. I love his discomfort with Lars using the word intimacy. I love his whole relationship with Lars. The movie made me hate Lars much less - I think he comes off terribly in print, & the differences in education between Lars & James has been played up as a primary dynamic with James seeming inarticulate & Lars seeming snotty, but there's so much more to both of them & that's just one dynamic among many between them. Oh my god, I loved them giving Kirk a Hawaiian birthday party & Lars being really mad that no one ever gave him a Danish birthday party with Hans Christian Anderson/children's literature themes. GOD. That is an awesome thing to be a pissed off baby about.

Anchorman - I LOVE BRICK. I love his comeback to Vince Vaughn't crew. I hate toilet humor and yet so much of it in this movie was so funny that it transcended my hatred! They should feel totally proud of that. I love Brick's retardation. I love Brick pooping a hammer. I would honestly date him. There's this cafe near us that has this salad that supposedly makes preg women give birth - there was a story about it written somewhere that Sydney unkindly alerted me to. I can never have a salad there again. But I told her if they had a salad that made you poop a hammer I'd be all over it. She acted like she wouldn't eat it but you know she would! We all would! It's just the best thing! Nothing else though please. Only hammers.

Head On - I saw this maybe a month ago & have been thinking about it ever since. I loved it to death. Both leads were so sexy & riveting & I wanted to be both of them even though they were so fucked up and terrible. In love with this movie as it's happening and then suddenly there is a rape. Ugh. A total punishment rape. What do I do? Can I recommend this movie to anyone? Such a horrible thing. I know I'm going to have to watch it again, but can I ask my friends to watch it? I love it so, but with this huge black mark on it. I even dreamt that I got the director to take that part out. She could just get beat up! How about it? That sounds fucking horrible enough to me! When I was at Slayage, one paper was talking about rape & saying that one kind of rapist is the kind where the rape is this total low at the end of a bunch of self-destructive bad behavior on the part of the rapist; it's a bottom being hit. Why do men who make movies sometimes think it's okay to show this as being the case for the rape survivor??? Like it's HER hitting bottom as a result of her fucked up out of control behavior? UGH!!!!!

Sin City - Too gross in a lot of places. Andrew had already warned me that it took him out of the movie sometimes. Yeah. However Clive Owen makes up for it, just being as hot as he is & menacing & stubbly & calling Gail a warrior woman and a Valkyrie and having all-kinds-of-trouble eyes. And Mickey Rourke I can totally see being like those actors who really get the tattoos for their roles (I think Keifer did that?) and just staying with that face for a while. Wrapping a skull & crossbones bandanna around his head & going out for drinks like that after the day's shooting. Getting his chihuahuas matching face-extensions.

Friday night I saw the Subsonics open for the Ponys and now they're all I can listen to! Although if I had St. Anger I'd be playing the shit out of that too.

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