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2005-04-23 - 5:23 p.m.

I think the TV season winding down has given me a really bad cold. It's hard to say goodbye to all these friends of mine; although having lived through the summer after Buffy's season 5, this is noth.

What can be done about Dwight on The American Office. His very existence raises the question of who would you do. Dwight or Gareth Gareth or Dwight. Sydney wants to know if they'd be friends or enemies. Or maybe she asked me that about Larry David and Ken Finkelman? I can't keep all the gross men we love apart. Why even try to keep them apart? One giant sweaty spicy stew.

Sydney told me the America's Next Top Model betting pool gives her life meaning & focus that it hasn't had since Tivo betrayed us. I do love Naima & hate knowing she won't win. She's too perfect & they always want some big twist, so an unexpected wins. Whatever. Janice should just win every year. Although if Naima doesn't win, I don't mind the idea of a dorktacular lesbian with scabies being America's next top model. She'd be awesome on Surreal Life, & could maybe date a Brady sister, or how about Jo from Facts.

We apparently are currently getting one of those danged queer channels that've been about to debut for like 10 years now! I came across it yesterday flipping channels in the middle of the day. First, I saw Starsky, lying in a hospital bed in a coma or something, while Hutch whispered "Starsky? Starsky?" & then S.'s eyelids fluttered & H.'s voice got more highpitched & then he knocked the book the nurse was reading out of her hands & picked her up & started dancing with her & laughing & saying "He's awake! He's awake!" & Starsky eyes closed again but he kind of smiled through his coma. I flipped through the channels again & when it was back, they were both in the hospital bed & Hutch was giving Starsky this fancy serving plate of brownies, putting it on his chest, saying "I'm not letting my buddy eat a week of hospital food." He put the silver lid of the serving plate on his own head. A nurse kept looking in at them in bed together, & Hutch would pull the covers over his head over time. They both got the giggles really bad & then their boss came in. It didn't seem like any big to him that they were in a single bed together with the giggles eating brownies, he was concerned that they eat some of his antipasto, which was set on Starsky's stomach. Then Huggy Bear came in with wine & glasses. There was a toast to "Four heavy dudes, or at least three." I don't know who isn't heavy, but at that point Hutch could not talk but only giggle, just a giggling blond stache sticking out of the bed, so maybe that's not super heavy of a dude to do? Finally he got it together & asked what Huggy Bear had hung this oil lamp on that he brought with him, they all looked up, & he'd hung it on the sprinkler system, which them went off. The picture of them all giggling froze & that was the end.

The next show that came on was Batman & Robin. Also super gay. The Joker is like the missing link between Lucille Bluth & Lucille...what's the other one? Altero? You know who I mean. Lucille Liza.

Grieco over Depp. I can take it back at any time, though.

*perv* *next*

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