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2005-04-04 - 12:49 p.m.

Less than 24 hours after I was complaining to Sydney about hating that fucking pope & how I wish there really would exist a hell so he can go there for attacking women & gay people right up to the end, my aunt called me up to rant about the exact same thing. The hell thing and everything. What a fucking monster he was. And that stupid oil slick Bono all in love with him. Ugh. Good pair.

Sydney & I tried Tru Calling again, since Jane Espenson's on board now. Oh my god. I can't understand how anyone involved with this show thinks it's even passable. I can't understand how both Jane & Marti have made shows that are completely derivative of Buffy, with none of the good. Is it weird when they see each other? Do they argue about who made a less terrible imitation? Can Joss even look at either of them? Does he have to watch these terrible shows because his friends made them? I love how Jason Priestley delivers all his lines as if he's doing air quotes with his fingers off-camera. All so irony-laden, for reasons known only to him. And Tru's brother is playing some sort of game with me through the positioning of his hair. I am constantly thwarted when I try to learn the rules. I am losing badly.

Thursday night I saw the Hentchmen. It was super fun. I was trying to think how long I've been seeing them - I guess like 10 or 11 years? And they just completely blew me away all over again. Before I was ever friends with Tim, I was a fan of them as a great band. I felt all excited and fannish again, & I want them to play here tonight & tomorrow night. I drank a lot of Old Style Tallboys. I filled Tim in on Alyson Hannigan on Veronica Mars - he misses important stuff when they tour. I went drinking after with Lisa & Casey, & Casey did a lot of schiavoing out to make us laugh. Also made out with imaginary babies & monkeys for my benefit.

So if the Hentchmen play near you GO SEE THEM.

I played the funnest video game with Andrew yesterday. Ask him what it is. Or wheedle your way into an invitation to his place to play it. Or just show up & wheedle on his doorstep.

Sometimes Nick schiavos when he sleeps.

*perv* *next*

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