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2004-09-24 - 9:50 a.m.

I hosted Marjane Satrapi's event & she was as awesome as you would want her to be. Really smart, & funny, & talked about being put in this position where she gets to speak on the radio & stuff about Iran & really she's just written her story. But she decided to accept the opportunities to speak about political & cultural stuff, because anyone should be able to give their opinions on the radio. She was apologetic about her English, which is her fourth language. I don't even need to tell you her English was fine, right? You could figure that part. She took a really long time signing stuff for everyone, in English or French or Farsi, whichever they wanted. If you have not read Persepolis & Persepolis 2, get on it weiner. I spent the day of the event lying on the couch re-reading P.2, & again it blew me away. Great event!

Another recent event was Emma Donoghue. Love her. I fucking LOVE The Woman Who Gave Birth to Rabbits, as well as Kissing the Witch & Slammerkin. I'm working my way through Life Mask, which is really fun. So why didn't more people come? There were like 10 people, including myself & Tish who work here. Emma was fantastic, as she was the last time we hosted her. Super smart & lively & funny. I know I describe everyone as smart & funny & I should get new words because all these women are different kinds of smart & funny. Emma wore a red leather jacket & long purple skirt & red shoes & red hair. Marjane wore a pink shirt & black skirt & boots. Lloyd wore an argyle ascot with grommets & bloomers ten sizes too big and they were still too small.

Did you read that David Lee Roth quote about the state of Mtv? Something about a Korean kid with dreadlocks and then something Saharan something else. I wish I had it exactly. I really wanted an explanation.

I have a gross computer virus. I'm only having computer access at work. I hate it. It's Bloodhound.Exploit something. Kill it.

Andrew's back today! Woo hoo! I can smell it in the air! Smells like fancy lotion! And hugs!

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