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2004-08-23 - 3:20 p.m.

I went to Wizard World & met Amber Benson and heard Joss Whedon speak on an X-Men panel, along with Chris Claremont & John Cassaday & other people who I don't know. I did not see Jason Mewes, although I meant to. I got fucking crazy the second we walked in, where I didn't care about anything except trading cards & action figures. To me, it was not social time and it was never for one second boring. I could have stayed there forever. I got a ton of cool trading cards & a couple action figs. Amber Benson was super high-energy for someone who apparently signed for 15 hours over the weekend. Syd bought her movie "Chance," & had her sign the picture where Willow is writing a Sappho poem on her back. I had her sign a trading card. I mean a tarding card. I mean a trading card. And I thanked her for doing interesting feminist work, & said the ep of "Cold Case" she did was really good (she played a member of Jane the underground aborsh network) & she said "I thought so. I feel like it's easy to forget how hard women fought to get us control over our own bodies." Looooove her. Also she complimented Nina's tattoo, & when Nina lost Amber's autograph monkey-style, she went outside to have a smoke & saw Amber there & she signed her another. Also a few times we went over to the "celebrity" area to find Lou Ferrigno so Nina could have her picture taken sitting on his lap & he was never in the little pen marked "Lou Ferrigno." Scary. He was just loose? That doesn't seem safe to me at all. Ok, Joss was awesome & visited the Firefly booth to thank the ladies working there. God. So fucking nice. And the X-Men panel was awesome. The first question was "Joss, you always like to kill characters off. Who will you kill of the X-Men?" He said "Well...there's a lot of dead weight there. I'm thinking Wolverine has never taken off as a character & he's gonna have to go." Tish saw the Saturday Joss-only discussion and it sounds just fantastic. He made a big revelation about what he wanted to do in S.7 if Amber would've agreed to come back. It would've made the ending of Buffy absolutely even perfecter. Also he discussed his pride at being a girlyman, & talked about how he's being told by idiot money people that for the Buffy animated series, he needs a strong male character to balance Buffy, so boys will watch. GOD.

Lloyd & Nick are leading a sexual revolution right now on Sydney's bed. Such soaking wet earplay.

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