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2004-07-15 - 7:33 p.m.

I saw Bob Odenkirk's directorial debut "Melvin Goes to Dinner." It was painful in many ways, yet Jackolas Blackolas had a cameo that is seriously FUCK-ENG PHENOMOLAS!!!!! Maybe the character I would most want to do him as. Although now I'm thinking of his awesomeness in other stuff & worrying at my haste in this pronouncement. Do not fucking press me on this. People have already tried.

Nick & Lloyd were both born from my VAAAGIIIINAAAAAAAAAA

I could hear them meowing in my belly for so long before they were born. It wasn't gross at all. They came out all dry not gross like gross human babies. I mean they came out wet & Sydney licked them clean. I MEAN THEY CAME OUT DRY! DON'T BE MAD! So so so bone dry.

*perv* *next*

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