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2004-06-14 - 5:33 p.m.

Slayage 4, dudes! First, this stuff:

Merritt gave me a unicorn vibrator for my birthday!

I like to wear diapers full of broken glass!

Sydney says we�re the last couple in �Coffee and Cigarettes!�

The last session was a panel of people who have B/A books out or coming out soon. A book all of Angel critical essays is due next spring! Finally! David & Rhonda who did �Fighting the Forces� were the hosts of the entire conference, and there was also the �What Would Buffy Do� lady and Nancy Holder was there, she has a novel coming out this year with J�Heira in it. There is also a book on Buffy & gender due out next year. We found out that Joss was disappointed when the first Watchers Guide came out, he thought it�d be more scholarly. He was invited to the conference, but sent word back that he�d be starting shooting Serenity then. David & Rhonda were completely happy, & talked about how nervous they�d been & how they don�t know when another one will happen but it will. Maybe they�ll be floating, in different countries each year, or maybe only every few years. Oh, the woman who is editing the Angel book said the publisher almost didn�t want to sign her when word broke that the show was cancelled, but they did research & found out that people would still totally buy it. This led into a lot of talk about Buffy Studies, and how with all the papers and discussion that happened over the weekend, we�d really just barely scratched the surface of what there is to be studied. Here is where I get all weepy. It was really one of the best things I�ve ever done in my life.

Tish & I had a super long delay at the airport, & then a really long flight. We talked tons about the papers we�d heard, & invented a bunch of brilliant shit including a B/A spinoff! In L.A., it�s Gunn, Anne, Faith, & Robin. And that black Slayer � Rona? And maybe some of the other Slayers. Maybe that Chinese Slayer who was such a joke & I hated it. On our show she gets to be a real character & school them on how not to act when you don�t speak someone�s language. And Joss takes on race, and redeems himself for that weakness in his other shows. And there are tons of black kids from Gunn�s old crew & Robin is maybe principal of a school & it�s all super complex & awesome. And Spike is on sometimes, and has to deal with Rona and Robin and what he did to Robin�s mom. And of course other people from the �verse come in and have nice arcs. And Buffy will come on & talk about Kendra & we can get some Kendra historical episodes, maybe.

What do you think of it?

*perv* *next*

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