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2004-05-23 - 4:58 p.m.

The first person who spoke at the Buffy/Angel convention was Camden Toy. He plays Gnarl, lead Gentleman, Ubervamp, Prince of Lies - creeps like that. He has long a long grey & white curly mane, & apparently went grey at 17. The seats weren't even half-filled to hear him, & he, like most of the actors, just seemed to really want questions. But then the questions would be asked & they'd so often be retarded. People kept asking for a memorable on-set practical joke story, & no actor really had one to share. Camden was saying how it was really just people saying funny stuff that made the set fun, more than staged practical jokes. He came up with one time when he was crouched over Alyson for a long time for a scene as Gnarl, & some blood dripped down to his crotch, & Aly said "It looks like we figured Gnarl wrong - he's a she." The audience kind of groaned in disgust, like that was so not what they wanted to hear. Camden shrugged. He's pretty actor-y, but seems smart & reasonable, & he's really into film history, especially villains. He had some scary facial hair, I think.

Next was Elizabeth Anne Allen who plays Amy. She seems pretty normal, & came across as a huge fan of the show. She's never watched the finale because she can't deal with it ending & feels like if she just doesn't watch the final one, it is still going on. She said her main wish for Amy was to be Willow's girlfriend, & she went on about how Amy would be a great girlfriend for Willow, & relate to her & support her. She had all this great insight into Amy as someone who's never belonged & had bad parents & just wanted to be close to the Scoobies & never could be. She said it is a collaborative effort doing the show, they let you play around as an actor & see what works, although you do have to stick to the script, like she "can't just kiss Willow in the middle of a scene & get away with it." Also her ideal finale would include Amy swooping in & taking Willow away. Yeah. Obsessed. Loved it! Other random facts: Newly married, travels a ton & loves Australia the most, loves Scrabble, loves the book Cold Mountain & really wishes she could've bought the movie rights.

Next was Stephanie Romanov, Lilah, who is totally saucy & jokey with a loud laugh. She would laugh with her entire upper body, all hyper & spazzy. I loved her. She also had a wish for her character, which was that Lilah be part of the Gypsy clan that cursed Angel. She said she loves working with Juliet Landau, & also Julie Benz. She mentioned Juliet a bunch of times as being really fantastic. She said she feels like the women on Angel get to be really bold in a way lots of women's roles on TV are not. She has a hard time finding good roles. She's doing some movie with your man Robin Williams, & is not in Cruel Intentions 3 as listed on IMDB. She idolizes Anne Bancroft, & once had an audition with Mel Brooks & made him laugh. That & meeting Baryshnikov at a party were her 2 favorite big celebrity-idol moments. She was a ballet dancer & pretty serious about it & quit because of her height, she realized she'd never be a top dancer. She talked about how hot the security guards were who were assigned to her, & how they made her think of Mae West in some movie saying to a bunch of dudes "Sorry boys, I'm a little tired. Some of you are going to have leave." She kept saying stuff like that, & some stuff about wanting to play some CSI guy's girlfriend, & then saying "I'm married!" all like she forgot. She mentioned a scene on Angel where Lilah gets thrown onto a table, & "The stunt girl kept going it wrong. So I did it myself." Then she flipped her hair all big. So CHARMING. Also someone raised their hand & said "You have a great shape" & she said "What was that?" making them repeat it & then cracked up with her whole body. She always wanted an Angel musical, but David Bananas was completely opposed. If Lilah was going to sing for Lorne, she'd sing Born Bad. She kept talking about the Kane (Lindsay's band) concert the night before, & how fun it was & how she loved the free beer backstage.

Ok I need to go watch TV now. I'll try to get to Bananas & Lindsay tomorrow.

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