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2004-05-24 - 12:20 p.m.

Angel convention, part 2.

So I was super hungry & went across the hall to get food & it was all empty except in walked Stephanie Romanov & her bodyguards! I could have said something but feel pretty strongly about leaving people like that alone & plus had nothing good to say. She went straight to the Cinnabons & got one, & also asked for a Bloody Mary. They said they were opening a bar at 2:30, & she said "Ok, I can wait." God, don't you know who she IS???

I went back in & Christian Kane was on-stage with some other dude. He was wearing a cloth on his head & odd sunglasses. Doubling up on large head accessories generally looks pretty crazy, & this was no exception. He looked massively pumped and also ridiculous. It was a bandmate of his up there with him, drinking beer. The first of my notes from their talk reads "land stank." I honestly don't know. It was overall a bunch of drawly mumbling out of Kane, totally like Boomhower. He is completely 'tude-full. He hated having his ass kicked so much by "girls" on Angel, it came up a lot & was one of his conditions to come back for these last few eps, that that not happen. Ha ha - is Lorne manly enough for you? His other condition was no more suits. He & bandmate's musical influences - Petty, Seger, Elton John. He then went on about the bandmate who is his cousin, how they'd go down to the river & sit in the bed of the truck & play guitar & sing songs & this guy is the one who really helped me out who said hey calm down cut that mullett off & quit listening to Def Leppard. Then C. threw us all the devil horns & hollered "THIS IS HOW AH TESTIFY!" way too loud. God, how can I describe the overall tone of his answers. Like he is just being calm until someone there makes him put on his shitkickers & kick some shit. Like he is on the porch going to enjoy every second until someone brings it. His comment on Angel vs. other shows: "I'll tell you what get all the cats together from One Tree Hill and every other show on the WB me & James & David will whup their fucking ass and that's the god's honest truth." ?

Ok so Bananas came on & I stopped taking notes because I was busy staring at how fucking MASSIVE he is. He is like a wall. He had on some tight white shirt & his hair is lightened like caramel color. He came out, sat with Christian & friend, & Stephanie came back out too. Bananas announced "I love working Christian Kane because he is my bitch." This set the tone. You guys. It was this back & forth NUTCUTTING, interspersed with husky heartfelt "No seriously, THIS GUY HERE..." testimonials. Queeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!! Just do it do it do it!!!! Which almost happened, when they went on about being up for the same parts, & Stephanie joked that she & David are up for the same parts a lot, & David Bananas started feeling his own tits with a confused face to highlight the hilarity of them being different genders! Then Stephanie reached over & grabbed, & then Christian Kane shoved his hand up under Bananas' shirt & pinched pinched pinched his nips. Yep. Also someone asked Stephanie who was the better kisser, Bananas or Wesley & Kane was like "WESLEY?! I thought Wesley was GAY!!!" Good one. Kane said Minear & Greenwalt always championed his character, & Joss was always trying to kill him off. Big surprise. There was talk of how awesome David was as a director. There was talk of David wearing no socks. There were big thanks to fans. I can't remember what else. I'm so so so so so sad the show is over. I thought it was a perfect finale. Well, a perfect finale would've meant Cordy never lost integrity as a character & still was around, but for where they were as a group, a fucking perfect finale. And if you haven't read the thing about what Joss was going to do next season had he been allowed to continue, he wanted Oz to help Nina, he wanted Willow to interact with Illyria, and he eventually intended Illyria to split in 2 & have Amy Acker playing both Fred & Illyria. How fucking incredible.

I look forward to Serenity the movie & Joss's X-Men. But it's really his constant assurances that he is not finished with the Buffyverse (and his mention of HBO! For cussin'!) that helps me deal with Angel ending.

Did I fill in my trading card collection at the convention? You had better believe it, if you have any idea what's good for you. New trading cards give me that Vicodin feeling! Which I will be feeling some of soon the natural pill-swallowy way, thanks to a super amazing birthday present!

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