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2003-07-20 - 5:08 p.m.

When I was a kid I used to fantasize about eating pink erasers. Big ones, not end-of-pencils ones. Also I thought a lot about biting into an ear & the ear being made of thin noodle & warm chocolate coming out. I still would like that, though the erasers have lost their magic for me.

I rented "Old School." I'm now obsessed with it. There's a lot gross, like the faggot joke that starts off the movie. I'd like to just edit it down into the parts that are important to me. The wedding singer is important to me, as is the whole dart sequence. Vince Vaughn to me seems like the worst of the worst, personality-wise. I asked Sydney how close to his character in the movie she thinks he is & she answered, so fast & sure, "I think he's a lot more of an asshole in real life." As soon as she said it I knew it was so true.

The other night I was having drinks at Carol's & Tish was in the bathroom & your great great great grandfather was sitting at the bar & he got my attention & blew me kisses. I was so drunk I put my hand up in the air & caught them. Then I put them down next to Tish's glass & said to him "They're for her." Generous!

My greatest dream is a Busey show DVD with him providing commentary on himself.

On a scale of Busey to Cowie, you are about a Facinelli.

*perv* *next*

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