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2003-05-29 - 11:04 a.m.

I�ve been sickly. Two straight days off work when I didn�t even feel like reading or watching movies. Dumb. The good part is, I went out for Andrew�s birthday before getting sick. No spankings happened, I can�t imagine why. I can only conclude that he put some kind of forgetting spell on us. I am worried that he�s abusing his magic & his eyes are going to go all black. His hair�s already black, I can hardly remember how he looked back when it was vibrant red.

Monday night I sold books at a Kelly Link/Karen Joy Fowler reading. Both were really good, & you may or may not know that I�ve been obsessed with Kelly�s book for a while, & it�s always nice to know that writers you love are cool & kind. She read an awesome backward-going story about the devil & the cheerleader. She & her husband run Small Beer Press & brought samples of the next things they�re putting out. They were SO NICE & said I should email them & I will, even though they like Riley.

Karen Joy Fowler is someone I have to read, she seems super interesting & cool. She told a story of meeting Danny Strong at Alice Sebold�s wedding. She was introduced to him as a big Buffy fan & he immediately said to her �Why do people hate Riley?�

Also Gail Tsukiyama came into work & she was incredibly nice, chatty, & funny. And Monday I�m doing the Isabel Allende event which I am super nervous about. It�ll be the biggest one I�ve ever been in charge of. Too many people looking at me is just so sickening.

Last celebrity story. My & Sydney�s friend from Milwaukee mentioned that she�d seem John C. Reilly at a party. He was super drunk, & all about conspiracy theories. She said that, & then she said �I mean DRUNK, & ALL about conspiracy theories, like�� & then she unlatched her jaw & worked it up & down fast while making big roaring sounds with crazy pinwheel eyes on top. It was the best thing I have ever seen. TOTALLY how big drunk crazytalking guys are.

I dreamt that I had a set of Jon Langfy trading cards. There was a run that showed the Mekons, a run that showed Waco Brothers, some of his paintings, plenty of Sally. I had them all arranged & I was not there, but was somehow watching, as he visited our apartment. Sydney was showing him around & he spied the cards & he�d never seen them before. He was super excited & was picking them up & at first I thought she was having him sign them? Then I realized she�d told him �You can have them.� Um. No? NONE OF HER BUSINESS! Now I wish she didn�t know now about some of my fancier Buffy trading cards. I made such a big display at the convention about how some of the ones I have were going for good prices � was that totally assy of me? I should just slip them quietly into a home safe, maybe.

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