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2003-05-22 - 12:13 p.m.

This was actually written before the Buffy finale & just not posted, that�s why it�s not addressed. I will try to get to that soon. I knew I�d be super sad, but I didn�t know I�d also be so happy. Joss gave a great gift to all women & all fighters of women�s oppression. I LOVE him. Ok here�s the other:

I really loved my birthday party. First of all, Sydney worked her prehensile monkey tail off getting shit ready. She put the couch on it�s side & cleaned the underneath. She cooked all day long. She made cheese cookies that I kept thinking were the worst chocolate chip cookies I had ever tasted. She made a lot of really good stuff. And she is happy it�s over because it stressed her the fuck out. Guess who puked? NEITHER OF US!!!! Yeah!

I took people into my room as they came in to put their coats on my bed, show them my vampire unicorn that came my way courtesy of the lovely kfan, my unicorn-making-out-with-kitten poster that nina gave me, & the 2 buffy binders for my trading cards that erin made. Which involved taking a day off work & buying a new printer. And she could�ve just bought the ones that buffystore sells, but she didn�t because she knew she could make something better that had glitter. I also got a new fancy camera from Syd & Chris, which I didn�t use once during the party because I am retardy like that. Oh � so everyone would come in my room, get their coats taken, see the gifts, & get hit on by me. Or maybe that was just a few people. I don�t know. It always seems to me like the hostess-y thing to do.

I remember getting angry that people were leaving & freaking out about it to sydney, thinking it meant they weren�t having a good time. She explained to me that it was 3, & people had arrived around 9. I guess that�s ok then.

What�s all the funny stuff that happened? I can�t rememb. Oh, Tish gave me the new gossip album on vinyl. Dude. Flo brought me a little box from katmandu. Fancy! Jim brought 2 boxes of krispy kremes.

I don�t know what to tell, other than that I had a great time & didn�t want it to end. My friends are pretty kickass.

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