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2003-01-27 - 1:00 p.m.

I like that Laverne & Shirley won for the show you most thought your life would be like when you were a kid, but it's also the easiest to attain...being a working class lady living with your best friend? Go for it! It's super fun! Mix up some milk & Pepsi & plan some scrapes to get into & out of! Infinitely easier than trying to live out a Fantasy Island lifestyle. Do you think Tattoo was in a union? He hated Roarke, right? Or were they lovers? I haven't seen it in so long. I think maybe they were lovers who hated each other.

Tish saw a PBS special about octopi that said something about how they don't have bones so they can go into tiny tubes, & you can set up these long mazes of tubes & octopi will just fly through them. Fuck yeah.

Last night Syd & I watched Red Shoe Diaries. I LOVE RSD, & this one had Matt LeBlanc as a fond-of-vests bike messenger with this amazing shock of hair leaning off the left side of his head. This woman was dating him but also dating another guy at the same time. This is scandalous & kinky, in case you didn't know. I didn't. But I learned it was not only because of the signature RSD kinky slow jam that played throughout the ep, but also because the end showed Duchov as always reading her scandalous & kinky letter about dating TWO DIFFERENT GUYS to his favorite fuckbuddy Stella while they walked through the park. I hate that Stella is a dog & not a cat but I like that Stella is a dog & not a monkey.

I am officially obsessed with Fastlane, but I don't like that Jake Busey has been set up as a character who could easily be recurring. It would be cool though if he was on the show as Shasta McNasty, kind of how Frank Black from Millennium showed up later on X-Files. Why should beloved characters have to die just because networks won't recognize quality work?

I'm going to do some cleaning, I think Sydney mentioned she might have the Big Ragu over tonight. Hoofers like him need clean floors, to make their big entrances.

*perv* *next*

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