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2003-01-20 - 12:06 p.m.

Friday Andrew & I saw "25th Hour." It overwhelmed me & again, like "The Hours" (but in a really different way) I wanted to sob great heaving sobs. But the theater was full & there were no other seats for Andrew to run to. The next day at work I'd start thinking about it at work, but I'd get all teary. Ed Norton was tremendous. So. I rented "Fight Club," on Saturday. I'd never seen it even though so many people told me to, & they said it was anti-capitalist, & I LOVE the fight club episode of Angel. I just was always like no, thanks, you all think Brad Pitt is hot & I don't. So I watched it & liked it. Bite Club. Smite Club. Shite Club.

I also rented "Don't Look Now." Have you seen it? Julie Christie & Donald Sutherland - naked, sexhaving. I liked it a lot, & I want you to see it because you will love the ending. There Donald was last night on the Golden Globes with his hair the exact opposite of what it was in the movie. Big brown movie curls, neon white sticking up straight award show hair. Similar to David's hair in the Lost Boys, but without the mulletude.

In "Anatomy of a Scene" for Hedwig, the style icons listed that they had in mind for Hedwig's looks included Farrah Fawcett, Rickie Lee Jones, Pamela Anderson, Chrissy Snow, & I forgot the rest.

On the DVD for "Girl on a Motorcycle", in the cast info part, Alain's Delon's whole bio thing is really funny. It says he was called the Ice Cool Angel or something like that. And it says when the director of Le Samourai met him, it was in his apartment and all he had was a black leather couch, samurai's lance, dagger & sword. I am SURE. And Andrew thought he was an Ice Cool Angel for having the all-white room. Which didn't turn out so good because if he leaves his wings on the floor he never finds them. Heh heh ha.

Yesterday I read Nikki Giovanni's new book of poems. I hadn't read her in a long time, & wanted to read her before I see her in Feb. Some of them were great. Some of them didn't do anything for me at all. She uses a lot of ellipses, which I'm not so in favor of, as the main punctuation in a poem. I think I should read some of her old stuff too.

Lar lar lar. Lloyd's a dirty slicknose spy.

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