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2002-10-10 - 11:05 a.m.

Every night or so I see the same men's haircolor commercial on TV, & each time I have the same big loud revelation - I WANT ANDREW BLONDE. The first night, it was around 12:30 after seeing "City of God" (super tough to watch, but really good), & I really wanted to call him. Syd & I discussed his sometimes insomnia thing, & how you always think someone may just have drifted off. And it seemed kind of important enough to take that risk, but I couldn't get up & get to the phone. Last night, it was only like 11, not too late, but I still couldn't get up & get to the phone. So Andrew, know it: YOU SHOULD BE BLONDE! At least for a while. We can discuss the details (what you call the particulars) later.

Lynda Barry completely ROCKS. Oh my god, I love her so. I was at work later than I've ever been, because she was so interested in every single person who had her book signed. She signed each one all pretty in cursive, & then decorated around her name with these stamps she'd made. Awesome. She talked to everyone about their art or writing, & I saw her writing down for people what art supplies she recommends. She read 2 awesome short pieces, after talking about writing, & how everyone can do it, & how being creative is too often left for the professionals & that's really wrong. It was so excellent of her to really demystify her creative process, especially when SOOO many artists protect that mystification. I'm sure. That is so lame. Unless it is someone cool who I love & you just don't wanna talk about it, then it is perfectly fine with me....

The other thing she talked about a lot is menopause, & how she LIKES hot flashes & menopause is cool, & it's good to talk about because people, especially men, get freaked out & scared hearing about it.

Last night my job seemed so super fulfilling.

It's weird that I only talk about Buffy every once in a while in my diary, compared to how much I think about it. It's like I made a decision that I wouldn't have a huge discussion of each episode, because it could really take over the entire di. I have to say, it is quite amazing this season. And has any show ever been this amazing in it's 7th year? I guess no, since no show has been this amazing ever. And don't you know people who have been saying they feel like it's too late to start watching now, for like years? And if they'd started watching it back when they started saying it they'd have watched it for so long by now? And it doesn't really frustrate me, as I've totally learned Andrew's lesson, to just feel sorry for those who don't watch. And watching it makes me want to read Shakespeare, because I loved reading him in school, & I keep reaching for who to compare these character conflicts to, & I don't know of anyone who writes like Joss, & maybe Shakespeare would be a good comparison. The characters & character arcs are wider & deeper than anything I'm used to seeing anywhere. Did Alyson Hannigan & James Marsters ever dream they'd get to play characters this complex & unprecedented? They both overwhelm me, I hardly know how to talk about their performances. By the way, if strips of my stomach ever get eaten, I may need you just to kill me.

Tish says I'm going to be a tie-dyed unicorn.

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