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2002-10-07 - 1:09 p.m.

I wish I could make you see the dance contest for dads that was on So Graham Norton. It was as terrifying as you think. The dads were taken out of the audience & the scores were in a bunch of categories like interpretation of the music, & one category was specifically about using a lot of space. They totally took that one to heart. Dads kept getting eliminated until it was just 2 dads left & the 2 of them were whirling about so elaborately they had trouble staying out of each other's way on a dance floor that at the beginning had plenty of space for like 8 or so dads. It was less a dance contest & more a serious oldtime dance-off at that point, like a score being settled. Every move a calculated jab at the opposing dad. I wish the 2 last dads standing had guest-starred on SNL for the Britney/Justin dance-off skit. That would've been beautiful & layered & meaningful.

More TV stuff. I watched Monk for the first time, & Amy Sedaris was on it. I loved how much she used her tits in her acting. It was awesome. She should be on every episode & use them to help solve crimes.

Also I hope you saw Azael on Howard Stern trying to have a reverse gangbang. Please email me if you did with why you think he had those pale grey triangles on the bottom of his cheeks.

Lastly, the Angel premiere was EXCELLENT! I am all about Angel & Connor as a couple. I watched the last one from last season to remember what all happened, & there was this moment when they were playfighting & Angel caught Connor in his arms in this way that normally only a girl would be caught on TV, & it was super romantic & I decided I want to be Angel's EXTREMELY girly son & be caught by his tree trunk of an arm & look at him all shy & swoony about it while my hair shakes all back into place. Connor needs barrettes. The premiere was great & the characters are all hot hot hot & I'm so looking forward to this season.

I have to go read Lynda Barry's book so I can introduce her this week! Woo hoo!

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