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2002-06-17 - 11:37 a.m.

I just read Sandra Tsing Loh's "A Year in Van Nuys." Sometimes I was annoyed by things, like how she'd talk about fat people. She considers herself a fat lady, & even gives her weight. In the 150s, is what she says. I'm sure. Anyway. And weird stuff about race sometimes, while saying she does not have a racial identity, or something like that, & calling herself "of sino-germanic heritage." SINO! I should get the book & make sure I'm getting all this right but it's all the way in the other room & Lloyd is sucking hard on her toe pad & will give me the eye of weary interruption if I go in there. So, anyway, there is all that stuff but also it is really, really funny. There are some times when she combines words in that way where you are like "Wow I wish either I thought of that, or no one did," like when you read "Barrel Fever" or "Cruddy." So, I definitely recommend it. And I'd love to know what you think about how she talks about race.

Syd & I watched "Song of the Thin Man" the other night. It was really fun, & I almost don't want to mention it, or The Thin Man series at all, ever again. Because WHO KNOWS. Who knows who in Hollywood might be stumbling around the internet, in a big remakey mood. Can you imagine? It is totally the kind of thing they would do with Clooney & Roberts. UGH!!!! Or GWYNETH! Ok, I could go on naming every horrible movie star, but you know them all. If they are going to remake it, they'd better use Jack Black & Karen Kilgariff, & that is that.

Sometimes when I'm not at home I start thinking about Lloyd & the dreamlike delicacy of her nose & I could bite right through my tongue.

Or they could just use Jack & Kyle, I guess.

*perv* *next*

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