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2001-11-21 - 9:31 a.m.

Last night, Buffy & Spike fucking while tearing apart an entire building? My life. Exactly.

Yesterday I taped The View, because Andrew's VCR was broken. Ha ha I mean I taped The View because all the women who are in the play The Women were on, & in case you didn't know it that includes Jennifer Tilly, & in case you didn't know it she is mine all mine. But you totally did know it. Anyway, the discussion was so offensive. It was all about "do all men cheat?" & "are all women petty & competitive?" or some shit like that. It made me sick. It made me sick when Kristen Johnson was like "Oh, when I heard it was all women, I was worried!" & a bunch of other self-hating shit where they of course all got along perfectly & can't believe how great it was, but have to act really shocked about it. Like it's so against the odds. God. This TV show that has a team of women on it, interviewing a bunch of other women, & all they can do is insult their gender, couching the insults in compliments to each other specifically. That's a fun game. Maybe I'll do that next time I'm around a bunch of my girlfriends. "I just cannot believe what bitches none of you are! I thought you'd all be so petty & compete with me over makeup & clothes! I'm astounded you are all able to be so nice, & not give in to your rude diva nature!"

Is Kim Basinger really dating Eminem? That's just a weird made-up thing, right?

*perv* *next*

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