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2001-10-14 - 8:00 p.m.

I've seen a bunch of movies at the Chicago International Film Festival. My favorite was "Domestic Violence" this documentary that is over 3 hours long. I know you are like nope, never. But it wasn't super harrowing, at least not in an unbearable way. It was really interesting & super engaging & mostly made you understand how this shelter in Florida works, & get to know the women who stay there. So good.

Did you see Amy Sedaris on "Just Shoot Me"? She is so freaky-faced to see on a sitcom. Her hair is hard for me to take in. Big freshly combed golden tresses, divided into two distinct halves. The exact hair of David Spade.

I'm reading "Kitchen Confidential." He certainly wants to impress upon me that pirates make my food when I eat out. It's scary. I feel like he wants me to picture more hooks than hands in the average kitchen. He'll say that a dude had "the obligatory fist-sized gold hoop." ??? Ok, enough with the pirate accessories. Seriously? Common among waitstaff? Not ones I've known, unless they just know to shoo the parrots off their shoulders when I'm around.

Please tell me Xena & Scully are going to do things.

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