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2001-10-09 - 9:09 p.m.

When Ann & Nancy Wilson are going on about a Magic Man, I know that they must be talking about none other than Mister Jack Black. He is one magic motherfucker. He should be called a magician, not a comedian, because he makes magic happen inside my heart. Which is in my pants.

As I predicted (& you can ask Nina. Really. Email me, I'll give you her #), the D show was chock-full of gross dudes. Like, guh-ross. Dudes who shouted along every word. No.

I'm just going to list things, if that's ok? List of things I rememb from the D show:

They came out wearing priests' robes.

They showed a film of Jables blowing Kage.

Lots of bras & underpants were thrown. At one point, a woman threw her bra to Jables & he asked if it'd come out of her pocket or if she wore it. Then she asked for it back & he said ok & gave it to her & said "Thanks for letting me borrow it."

Jack did do the entire dance that goes with Greatest Song In The World Tribute, minus the ripping off of the shirt that was on Letterman, but with the diving roll.

Kage, as per, wore shorts.

Jack showed off some new mouthvoice technology. I made up the world mouthvoice just now. What if I patented it? And Jack wanted to use it & we met & quarreled over it but then magic happened?

One time Dave & I were talking about our friend who always goes to Magic tournaments. I was like "Damn, he sure does love that Old Navy dog" & we both laughed for a super long time.

Magic's funny.

Um....what elserrssssswsssss

Ok Tenacious D

Um - Jack Black picked out ladies to talk to for the beginning of the dirty song. That were not me. The dude in front of me who I hated because he kept folding himself in half, got a dirty look from Jack. LOVED IT TO DEATH.

Buffy leaves me feeling all grief-soaked. God. Nice favorite show. It's like a nice beating once a week. It's hard without Angel afterwards.

What if Schmuckers jelly was called Fuckers.

I'm brill!

*perv* *next*

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