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2001-08-21 - 12:38 p.m.

Last night Sydney & I saw bits of the Crazytime Teenage Friendship Awards. We were super stoned & almost sucked into watching the whole thing since everything we saw was ASTONISHING, but my big thick cooler head prevailed, & we taped it instead so we aren't stuck watching the commercials. We're no dums. But, here are some things I did see:

Beyonce Knowles' mother is insane. I didn't see her, just those outfits she designed. Denim & yellow netting. Yours.

Thing from Backstreet BoyZ, the one who in the middle of songs inquires needily through his nose "AM I SEXUAWWWWL?" racing around the stage with his little brother. Thing was wearing what Sydney accurately described as a Renaissance Fair outfit; the littler thing was wearing something too complex for me to take in, really.

The beginning had some big fat ladies lip syncing to "Lady Marmalade", all dressed up like the ladies who sing it. It was weird. At first it sickened me that that was the big joke, but then the ladies were all really hot & danced really well & shook it in the faces of the people front row, which consisted of people & things like Steven Tyler. A crowd that could pretty much be replaced with Spitting Image puppets & no one would notice. I thought that some people in the crowd thought the women were hot & by the end I felt super proud of them.

God, I can't remember what else I saw.

I spent Saturday night doing some hardcore gaming with Nina & Sydney. They didn't stand a chance, what with my new gaming hat & all. Man oh man oh man. Bring it on. The hat that made Sydney say "Carrie Bradshaw" as soon as she saw it in the store gives me special gaming powers. My hands are a blur, scribbing the Scattergories list, the Boggle list, arranging my hand of cards, filling the Scrabble board. Actually my hands are more like fumbling slabs of candle wax, trying to manipulate seven cards at a time & not quite able to do it. Or maybe like doughnuts with some fingers that are mainly ornamental. Yet curiously not pretty. I'll stop braggin' now.

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