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2001-03-05 - 17:47:07

Hello, kingycakes.

Friday night I went to Chris & Heather's Country Calendar show. It was so CROWDED, but completely worth it. Everyone Chicago country supahstah was there, or most of them anyway. Kelly Hogan & Jon Lang & Texas Rubies & Neko Case & just everybody. Everyone covered a different old timey country star, just 1-3 songs. After some people, a sheet mounted on 2 poles would be stretched across the stage, & used as a backdrop to show films! Old country & western tv shows, with footage of whatever star had just been covered, like George Jones or who-ev. Totally cool. I missed Lounge Ax, where a waitress always came through & took drink orders, no matter how tight the crowd. This happens at the Hideout, as well. More of this! I will spend all my money & get drunk if you send that waitress by me every 20 minutes. Good for the bar, good for me. Bad for some sweaty, harried waitress, but of course I'd propose, since I'm rearranging How Things Work, that this become an extremely high paying job with an automatic two weeks of vacation after every two weeks worked.

Marc Walberg is so much like Mr. Roarke, isn't he? NOT Mr. Rourke. I wish. Mr. Roarke. How he all welcomes you to the island, & acts like it's gonna be such fun, & gives you your fantasy, & then suddenly his eyes are all glinty by the fire & he's acting like you're still friends but his voice has an edge & really he's trying to teach you some sort of LESSON, about why you're fucked up for selecting your particular fantasy, & you want to turn to Tattoo but he hasn't been seen in hours, & the lighting & music finally lets blockhead you in on what everyone at home has known since the beginning, that THIS DUDE IS IN TOTAL LEAGUE WITH THE DEVYOOL!

I feel that as your friend I must alert you to the fact of TGIFriday's spicy chicken wings. The fact of their existence, & the fact of their RULEAGE. Dude. If you have some wings in the fridge, you can get as completely stoned as you want, & at no time do the wings become an intimidating item to prepare. I swear to god, I know food is really hard when you're high & you want it SO BAD & it's like a huge chore to get it together & these wings are the way to go.

Flying high upon the wings of love.

*perv* *next*

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