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Whose nose?

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2001-02-01 - 21:33:30

What if you had to choose ONE body part of your own to swap with a baby's corresponding body part? Like, you could have baby eyes, baby nose, baby mouth, baby ears, baby hair (yeah...), baby neck, baby toes, baby knees, baby ass, baby abdomen, baby small of the back, baby onion, baby elbows, baby wrists, baby thighs, baby whatever. But you have to pick one, & it's going to be just grafted on to the body you have. That would be a hard choice, right? It's kind of gross, right? I guess if I had to choose, I'd make the argument that one toe is a body part, & just have my baby toe be my Baby toe. Ew. Now I feel really gross that it's called a baby toe at all. It is, right? That's the normal name for it, that's what came into my head to call it. It's not called a pinkie toe. Ew. Pinkie finger is gross. It's also gross how people say Big Toe. Not like they're just referring to the biggest toe, but like that's it's name. Big Toe. UGH! From now on they are all only referred to as like, 2nd from the left toe, or farthest right finger. Unless you are in the habit of referring to your middle finger as fuckfinger or pussyfinger. That, of course, is cool by me. Just don't come around talking about your pinkie, perv.

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