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2001-01-29 - 21:22:09

The House of Mirth - Gillian was riveting. I love her so. And Eric Stolz actually did not ruin it for me. Only a couple times briefly did I imagine him with his Mask face. That is pretty good, it's usually the only way I can see him. Mostly I just saw lovely Miss Gillian A.

I read a quote in Salon about Kate Hudson saying she & Chris Robinson are all into skulls & how it's "weird" to other people, but they're both into it. Um, if they are thinking of competing with Angelina & Billy Bob Thin for creepy-as-Cryptie-couple now that Marilyn & Rose are broken up - they should just not. They should stop, & just not. They can not do it. Being into skulls is not at all weird, & if you think it is, you aren't prepared to compete with Thing of the orange foods who starves himself & won't eat off of old silverware.

I thought I had a really good idea to write Demeter & ask them to please make a fragrance that smells like pot, but I realized it'd just make everyone really mad at you when they followed the scent to you & you maybe don't have any. Or you do, but don't wanna share with some houndnosed potsniffer-outer.

Fifty one & a half hours until TEMPATION ISLAND!!!! Maybe I'll watch old episodes & work on my commentary for when Criterion asks me to narrate their T.I. DVD.

*perv* *next*

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