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2001-01-09 - 17:33:18

Now I have the theme song from "Perfect Strangers" stuck in my head. It's my life. It's MY dreams. Nothin's gonna stop me now. Nar nar na nar na na nar na nar.

"The Emperor and the Assassin" - It was so LONG. My head kept wandering away inside of me. But besides that, I liked it. The hairdos were quite amazing. This one giggler had the most amazing hairdo with a tail that curled around to his front. I had that, in the 1980s. His was huge, though. It must have tickled. Always giggling.

It's my life. It's my dreams. Nothin's gonna stop me now.

A certain dirtynerd gave me a New Year's assignment. I'll get working on that.

Nothin's gonna stop me now!

Nar nar na nar na na nar na nar!

*perv* *next*

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