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2001-01-08 - 18:20:47

"O Brother, Where Art Thou?" - So good. Tim Blake Nelson's face is something I cannot wrap my head around. Everyone's all divided about whether the Coen brothers are mean to make fun of people they consider yokels, or if it's really just funny. Some of both, I guess. I did have criticisms around issues of race in this film - *SPOILYS AHEAD* the Klan thing was terrible & could've been salvaged had we actually seen them being consumed by fire. And the black dude who our travelers saw at the beginning so he could give them their fortune - ugh. Come on. As well as the "character" of Tommy who traveled along with them. But besides all that, I loved the music, loved the actors, loved how pretty it was, laughed really hard a lot.

There was a preview for "In the Mood for Love." It looks beautiful. I cannot WAIT.

Visitors came from Detroit this weekend. I had a lot of fun, drinking & rocking out at the Black Beetle & the Fireside. Sunday we had breakfast at Wishbone, where I hadn't eaten before. Maybe once at the old location when I first moved here. It was goo-ood. I wish someone would put some french toast in front of me right now. I'd be so grateful & excited, you don't even know.

La Femme Nikita started it's 8 final episodes last night. Her hair is super cute & it started out with a PJ Harvey song from the new album. Dude. It was so EXCITING. SHE likes what I LIKE!!! We are the SAME!!! In one scene she had her hair sticking straight out & up in back. Could I get away with that? I'm sure I unknowingly have in the past. What does she do when she has to lean back on the couch & smoke a bowl? It must get all flattened.

Last night I dreamt about watching the Ghostbusters cartoon. It was so weird how Bill Murr & Dan Ayk & Harold Ram were drawn, it was scary & kind of mean caricature-y animation. Ernie Hud was nowhere to be found, lucky. Wow, I wish I was at home watching cartoons. And Andrew was over. And Jamie in my kitchen all day long, making bacon spaghetti.

Someone's in the kitchen with Jamie, someone's in the kitchen I know-ow-ow-ow, someone's in the kitchen with Ja-MIE! Strummin' on the ole banjo. That would be Sydney, I guess.

*perv* *next*

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