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2001-01-02 - 18:41:23

I have such little time & so much to tell! Last night I had a dream that Sydney & I were in some other city being driven around by a blonde cabdriver & we were going down this dark alley discussing how Syd & I would be traveling to Detroit the next day when who strolled by in a tan suit but Mister Richard Dawson! I got all excited & started yelling "STOP THE CAB! RICHARD MOTHERFUCKING DAWSON! STOP THE CAB!" He looked GREAT. The woman would not stop & didn't react to my screaming, then mumbled something bitterly like "Yeah, Dawson really wants to see his old pal Joyce..." It was then that Sydney & I realized this woman was familiar because she used to be on the Match Game! The blonde with the bowl cut. She'd sit next to Dawson when she was on. She was super pissed at him about something. We tried to get gossip out of her, & she was avoiding the topic but said we could stay at her apartment if we wanted. The end of the dream was me at her apartment waiting for her & Sydney to arrive, snooping around for clues to her former glam life.

At Andrew's party, I said to Merritt, out of CONCERN, that I hoped a monkey didn't crawl down her throat. I don't remember why, something to do with the mysterious tiny bottle of liquor we were drinking from on the table. She shot back, out of SPITE, "One could slip into your pores." I will pretty much never be the same again. A monkey in my pores. She later mused "I guess if you looked at Pam & could count the number of monkeys crawling around, that'd be the number of pores on the human face."

"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" was AWESOME. Chow Yun Fat & Michelle remind me of Nick & Lloyd.

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