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2000-12-29 - 20:54:27

I got so much STUFF for xmas, it's ridic. An awesome Ozzy poster. So many good books. Mystery Train DVD. I can't list everything, but I really made out (if you KNOW what I MEAN). I saw the Grinch, which was pretty boring. I was excited about Molly Shannon, & how pretty it was, but when all is said & done it was directed by Ron Howard & he should not be allowed to direct movies. Ok, he can be allowed a Super 8 camera, & he can have his brother to play every part. I could tell a lot of funny stuff about spending the holidays with my family, but that seems a little invasive. I can tell you punchlines, like "honey-baked lamb". & "Pubert". Heh. You can just imagine, can't you. Good times. GOOD TIMES.

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