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2000-12-07 - 20:08:23

The night Syd & I were at the Playboy party, we were planning these elaborate deaths for ourselves that involved yelling out something & then plunging the middle of the dance floors. I cannot remember. At first it was just her & she was gonna yell something with a dance, then jump, & then there was something else I was gonna yell. Then join her. It seemed so funny, but I don't know what any of it was. Maybe I was just gonna sing a D song?

During the same conversation, we were trying to think of enough songs with stuttering in them to put together a medley. We thought of "Changes", "My Sharona", "Sussudio", and.... a bunch of other stuff I can't remember now.

Maybe it was - sing the medley then plunge to the death?

Last night I was trying to think of movies within movies, because I was watching "Irma Vep." I thought of the one at the end of that, which I totally love. And I thought of the "American Beauty" one, which is also nice. I can't think of anymore. Maybe the cartoon in the "Twilight Zone" movie? I don't know. Somebody throw me a bone, here. I'm not so much of a "thinker". I'm not so good with "ideas". It's not so easy for me to "remember" "things" that I've "seen, heard or experienced."

I had a bunch of smart things to say about "Irma Vep" last night while I was watching it. Right now, I'll just say this - the Sonic Youth scene. Right? The Sonic Youth scene? Incredible. They should use that as the video for that song. Or else me making out with Nick while that movie shows in the background. Take your pick.

Certainly some people could be reading this & not know that Nick is a big manly cat. They could think I would write about a person in such a way, in a public diary. Such a thought sickens me.

Now, a pubic diary. That's another matter.

*perv* *next*

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