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2000-12-13 - 17:41:53

"Centerstage" - Wow. I didn't expect to laugh as hard & often as I did. The big finale dance is something to see. I don't want to give anything away, but if rolling around on a bed & making out is an acceptable way to audition for the American Ballet Company, then Nick & I need to quit our day jobs!

"East is East" - This movie was ok, Om Puri is so very great, but it upset me. Not because he was such an abuser of his whole family, but because 2 of the themes seemed to be streams of piss being shown, & horrible things happening to the fat girl.

"The Watermelon Woman" - Cheryl Dunye is awesome, & I really loved this movie. More of this. The search for black lesbian icons in film history - not something I EVER get to watch films about. Ever. Any criticisms I have of it are so tiny compared to how exciting it is to not have to excuse a bunch of horrible, offensive shit about a movie, like I do with almost every movie I rent. Not this one. This is such important work, I recommend people finding it & seeing it.

What else....the other day I was standing on the cat condo (which has not even once done a single thing to foster my illusion that it is built to accommodate the weight of a human), trying to get down a box that I thought had xmas ornaments, when the cat condo broke & I fell through it & into it. Such a trap, it was. On my way down, a bunch of nails gouged a series of matching racing stripes all down both of my legs. So....that's looking pretty cool. I conspicuously hole up in the sole single occupancy bathroom at work for 15 minutes at a time, rubbing Bactine on my legs, & putting humongous Band-Aids all over them. It's so much work. It didn't hurt when it happened, because luckily I'd smoked myself retarded in order to dull the cramps of one of the worst periods in recent memory. So I turned around to Sydney right after I landed, & expected us to share a good laugh, since it seemed so ridiculous. She looked scared & helped me out of the trap & had me go clean up all the blood running down my legs. Neatnik. I wonder if I'd been home alone how long it would've taken me to know it wasn't just funny, but kind of scary. Sydney said she let her mom know cat condo is now added to her xmas list. Did she tell her what happened? "Um, Pam used the old one to remove the skin from her legs? And now the cats don't really wanna play on it..."

Saturday I went out with the ladies for Erin's birthday. After eating at Geja's Cafe, we went to Dale Watson's Honky Tonk Christmas. Wow. He is so DIRTY. Everything he said implied dirtiness to my ears. I was a pot of fondue for his skewer. Gross. Robbie Fulks got up & sang "Silent Night", & he & Dale made up a Xmas song called, by audience suggestion, "Santa's Ex-Wife." Ba ha ha. Later they braided & be-ribboned each other's hair & whispered all their dirty crush secrets to each other & prank-called Steve Earle & Langfy. I'm pretty sure.

I didn't remember until Monday morning that I'd purchased Dale's xmas cd that night. My exchange with the guy selling them was me pointing at the cd & saying "This for me. Now tell me a number." and the dude saying "15." I am totally doing this now, at every store I go to. Pleasantries are not particularly pleasant, to me.

Dale was "on the wagon," which meant he was drinking non-alc beer with his shots of tequila. I don't really know what to tell you about that.

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