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2000-10-09 - 16:42:46

This weekend I was sickning, like Mick Jagger in "Dear Doctor". Except not like that at all because I was not heartsick, but rather headcoldsick. It was gross & it robbed me of the first 3 movies I planned on seeing in the Chicago International Film Festival.

I was able to see 3 films, & the best was "The Day I Became a Woman", about women's roles in Iran. So gorgeous & amazing. The filmmaker Marzieyh Meshkiny was there & people had a LOT of questions about government censorship in her country. I was interested too, but that seemed to be the main thing people wanted to hear about, & it was making people laugh, which was retarded. She addressed those questions, but she also said she sees the film as exploring situations women can find themselves in living in any country. I thought that was a great & important statement. She is my bigtime girlfriend.

I also went to "The Second Civil War", part of the Joe Dante tribute that Jim encouraged Sydney & me to attend. I am so glad I went! I didn't really know he was before, & how much cool stuff he's done. I really want to rent "The Howling", & "Gremlins 2", & some other stuff that was on his best-of reel. He was charming & funny & smart. Ron Perlman was in the movie. It is hard for me to look at anything but him when he's on a screen, even in the background. Who put bits of Tom Waits' face on Will Ferrell? That is what he makes me wonder. A while ago I freaked out because I thought Ellen Barkin was dating him. When I found out it was Ron PerElman, I settled down. Don pointed out that it's more disgusting that she's dating one of the richest men in the U.S., & it's true, I KNOW that it's a billion times more disgusting, but for some reason it just bothers me more to think of her doing it with Vincent from "Beauty & the Beast" than some random jagoff billionaire who is nobody to me.

I have lately been trying to think about the answer I'll give when magazines interview me & want to know which funny women have had an impact on me. I have to say Roseanne, for sure. I think I'll make some statement about how for women in comedy you can divide things (Pam - come up with better word than "things" later on) into pre-Roseanne, & post-Roseanne. She was so pissed off, & so clearly working class, & so not pretty. Now instead of pissed off, she's just off, in space. She is far from working class, & she is very "pretty". Anyway. She changed everything. And also I'll have to talk about Janeane Garofalo, & Margaret Cho. And Amy Sedaris, & Amy Poehler. And how Tichina Arnold, Kathy Griffin, Laurie Metcalf, all these women who've played sidekicks need to have their own sitcoms. Who else do I like? Leslie Grossman should pretty much be queen of the universe. What if she & Margaret Cho co-ruled the universe? And were on our money? That would be so awesome.

Oh, you know that woman Jessica Alba who is in "Dark Angel"? I hate her fucking guts. I am pretty sure I hate her fucking guts. I have not been paying attention to that show too much, because it's on at the same time as my boyfriend Angel's show. Yesterday I was skimming an article either in the Trib or in the Gay Hollywood issue of EW, & after some retarded horseshit about how she almost makes you think James Cameron found a way to create the perfect woman (there's so much wrong with that that I don't even care), there was some quote from her saying how excited she was at having such a great part where she gets to kick ass, & beat up a hooker. Um.....could you offend me any more? Is there anything that would've given me a greater chill upon reading it? I suppose so. But I don't particularly want to dream it up.

Tomorrow is National Coming Out Day!!! Hurrah!

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