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2000-10-02 - 16:40:01

There is something that I forgot to mention in my previous entry about the show "Girlfriends", & that is that the executive producer or something is Kelsey Grammer. I want to make it clear that I am no Merritt. I do not love Kels. Merritt's all "Gimme a bite of that Gramm Cracka!" I'm all "Please, don't." Merritt's all "Gramm-master Flash! Givin' me a blast of class!" I'm all "That hurts. Stop it." You can imagine the rest. It all hurts, most of all that I enjoy something he is at all affiliated with.

I saw "Almost Famous" this weekend & loved it. It broke my heart. Billy Crudup, why can't you be nice? I haven't seen everything he's in, but he sure makes a good FuckHead in everything I have seen him in.

I also hung out at Andrew's & enjoyed a special private screening of "Road House." Wow. I'd never seen it. Every character in the movie has a different individualized mullet that tells a little story about them. I loved the part where Ben Gazzara informs the Swayz that "JcPenney is coming to town because of me! ASK ANYBODY!" Anybody? Even people who don't live in Wyoming, or wherever the fuck it is the movie took place? As Andrew astutely pointed out, Gazzara was clearly drinking Bloody Marys filled with salami, which is significant because -- it's gross.

The other best part was when Swayz was fighting another mulletman & Jim dubbed in the fight words that they were hollering with each swing of a fist: "BUSINESS! IN FRONT! PARTY! IN BACK!"

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