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2000-08-28 - 20:12:57

Friday on the way home from work, my wallet was stolen out of my purse. It happened on the bus. Um...me no likey! It sucks. I can't decide what I hate the most: that I had 80$ in it which is so very unusual for me, that I was supposed to meet my girlfriends at the bar that night & sat home miserable & anxious instead, or that on the unsuccessful bus trip to the apartment of some guy who found my ID I was harassed by 2 separate carloads of men. Not really on the bus trip, but waiting for the bus. It was around Southport & Irving Park & fuck if I don't have the same experience every time I see a movie at the Music Box by myself & am waiting for the bus to go home. That entire neighborhood can blow me. It happens everywhere, but why so consistently there? Gross fuckahs.

Yesterday was Mali's going away party for NYC. It was really fun, but rather sad too. I drinked up. I guess Erin & I are going to make a reality show about cats. Putting them all in a house together to see what goes on. Nick and Lloyd are so there. The best part would be picking out the music for each scene. What would Lloyd's theme be? Something about how she's a cream angel of love.

I'm leaving for Jamaica Wednesday. No more diary lovin' until I get back to work, which is 9/7. Too bad so sad.

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