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2000-08-29 - 19:35:52

Welly, welly. I am a dirty filthy bad dirty bad filthy liar. Yesterday's was not my last entry before vacash. THIS IS. If you read Merritt's diary (ida-red), you'll see me being blamed there for telling her to go to highschoolalumni.com. It's true. I looked at it a few months ago & the only person there was this random dude who was going on about flying things in the navy. Yesterday Sydney informed me that there were several more people from my high school. I looked it up & found out that this girl who in 8th grade pulled me aside in the cafeteria & asked why I dressed like an orphan, has married a carrot. She also has a userid that indicates her love of the TV show "Wings". I wouldn't have caught that, but Sydney did. Wow. Those things are good to know. A scary number of the guys from my school who are listed went into the military. One person, it may have been the carrotfucker but I can't remember, said at the end "See you at the reunion!"

The reunion? Ugh. PEE-union, more like. Heh. Yeah.

*perv* *next*

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