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2005-10-06 - 10:08 a.m.

Two exciting things:

1. Sydney went to see MIA at Tower Records, and got my CD signed. Super nice. Syd said she was really tiny, and that there were dudes who just would not stop talking to her and staring at her, and the line wasn't moving because of them, and Tower Records people had to move them along. Ugh.

2. Sunday I went to this local bar where 10% of your drink $ goes to Young Women's Empowerment Project. My friend Deirdra is on the board, and when I got there, she was like "If you do shots ALL the money goes to us." So. I am an activist like that. I did what I had to do. And then I WON THE RAFFLE!!! I get a professional massage. Which I've never had, and which I kind of feel weird about, but mostly I think it'll rock. As long as I can remain fully dressed including a coat and possibly snowpants, I won't feel weird at all.

Night Stalker was clearly awful like two minutes into it. Ugh. If I were the night I'd press charges.

That was a good one!

I asked Sydney if she thought Chris Carter was pissed, because of how we know he LOVES the original Night Stalker, because he talked about it incessantly when the X-Files was awesome, and everyone was like "Chris Carter! Chris Carter! You be strokin'!" Ok that is Clarence Carter but anyway Sydney said Chris Carter wouldn't care because he's off surfing. Clarence Carter probably is not off surfing, but who knows. He could be surfing. To the east and to the west and everything.

I was way into the new Zadie Smith book. There was a really funny part I wanted to quote but I didn't mark it. So just imagine, ok?

Everyone is on about how the shark on Lost had that symbol on his fin. Sorry, his or her fin. Oh my god shark genitalia. Anyway I wondered if we think Jack had the symbol on his wig. Because his wig was FUCKING EVIL. People should be Flashback Jack for Halloween with that wig.

I hate HATE Duncan on Veronica Mars. I honestly can barely tell him apart from Dwight from The Office. They are the same.

Monday night Tish and I saw Kelly Hogan at Schubas. It was the best. There were chairs! A show where there are chairs and everyone's quiet! She's there every Monday in October, $6. It's really lovely. You should totally go.

Please go see Serenity this weekend. WEEKDAYS DO NOT COUNT TOWARD BOX OFFICE FIGURES. So says this person I live with. Take your people with you to see it. Especially ones who like funny jokes, badass women, resistance, and exhilaration.

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