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2005-09-26 - 11:43 a.m.

Invasion - So far I'm into it. I like Tyler Labine wandering around with his hair all a mess, concerned mainly about where's the beer. I feel like there is an Invasion crossover storyline happening over on the O.C., with Kirsten's new alien stalker friend. The aliens are into staring, and eavesdropping. Who isn't?

I went to the Renegade Craft Fair yesterday. It was mudtastic, and I don't know how to even start dealing with the shoes I wore there. Merritt & Deborah visited from Detroit, and there was bigtime gaming, and I found out this super nice guy we knew in college is starting a rickshaw service in Detroit.

Sydney & I opened Serenity trading cards. She got Wash's autograph, and cards with pieces of clothing from both Kaylee and Inara. She got another autograph, but I'm not going to tell you whose because it's not a Firefly person and you probably haven't seen Serenity yet. You will be seeing it this weekend, or the next weekend, because those are the 2 that count financially. If I could make it so that you had to show your ticket stub to get access to my diary ever again, I would.

I made up a song this weekend about my cat Lloyd, and how she's on her way out, been diagnosed with gout, and so on. I can't remember the rest. It was great.

OH I ALMOST FORGOT Nina filled us in on the fact that people like to drink colloidal silver so they don't have colds but then when they're old they turn purple/grey and it's so super weird. A new patient at her work has this going on, and she was freaked out, and older co-workers were like "Oh yeah, remember how your grandparents would put silver dollars in milk?" What???? She never really explained how her co-workers knew this about her grandparents, or anything more about that part of the conversation. But I guess the grey/purple person said they'd never had a cold, and it's from drinking a cup of silver a day. Or a cup of water with silver in it. Anyway, I never knew.

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